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We are an organization for support, educational field trips, and socialization of homeschool students and their families. We uphold Christian morals and values. We are open to ALL homeschool families regardless of covering, reason for homeschooling, and religious or political affiliations. Emphasis is on group activities with respect, compassion, and tolerance toward others. Over 450 families involved in Manatee, Sarasota and adjacent counties.
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to Homeschooling in Florida
How to legally homeschool your children in Florida, comply with homeschooling laws, submit your notice of intent, maintain records, conduct annual evaluations and testing... and so much more! 

From the FPEA
Florida Parent-Educators Association - The Guide to Homeschooling In Florida
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"A non-traditional school designed for the home-educating family"
HES is a non-public school recognized by the State of Florida and College Board and designed for education to be directed by parents in conjunction with State guidelines for graduation.

Mrs. Debra Dykes
Principal/Administrator, Horizon Educational Systems

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