A Letter from Debbie Dykes
Over the course of the past 11 years, SHARE has multiplied amazingly.

The seed began in 1989 with eight families who met weekly in a backyard, we have grown to 500 current families, involved with so many activities we sometimes don't even have room on our fantastic calendar to place it all. (Terri Wilson, you're quite impressive!)

Cherry Potter & Cathy Hanamean started SHARE in 1991, with about 30 families who sometimes came to Florida Wheels for a monthly skating event, and occasional fieldtrips & excursions.

After Cherry's daughter graduated, we were left on our own, and divided up the month's activities with me volunteering to type up the calendar (with my daughter's help). When the skating was being cancelled, a "plan" was devised so that we could rent out the rink, and divide up the cost, so that it would be cheap enough to afford, AND so that if the families paid in advance they would come! And, they came! Sometime in 1995-1996, somehow, because I did the calendar and came up with the plan, and had a heart for helping new homeschoolers, I became the Coordinator of SHARE.

For years, my living room was covered in textbooks to disburse to whomever needed them. (These books are now in my family room! Youth For Christ stored them for us for more than a year!) Many of you sat there with me listening to my two-hour sessions, or passed along your old curriculum to assist. Bless you.

Starting off with about 60 families in 1996, we sometimes now have +160 families attend the monthly roller skating, with oodles of information to share and Scholastic Book Club from which to order discount books.
Support Homeschool Activities Reaching Everyone
Debbie Dykes, Coordinator
SHARE Homeschool Support Group
Support Homeschool Activities Reaching Everyone
1.  Packets (probably over 1,000) of information for new homeschoolers:
2.  More than 10,000 calendars (with cooperation of a few churches, too),
3.  SHARE Directories (1,000) that included testing & tutor information (thanks to
    Patty Peace & Robin Bunch & Peggy Stillman)
4.  Thousands of canned goods
5.  Thousands of items of clothing shared amongst us
6.  Thousands of books which have been sold inexpensively, exchanged, or
7.  Thousands of cookies to the Jordan Prison Ministry
8.  Thousands of telephone hours and hundreds of in-person counseling
9.  $300 as seed money to start Manatee HEAT (a vision of mine and Beverly
    Hartman's for years)
10. Cards &$$ to widowed & unemployed, $100+ for a prom
11. $150+ for the first homeschool float in the DeSoto Children's Parade
12. SHARE t-shirt designed
13. Scholarships to 20 SHARE families for skating (thanks to anonymous donors)
14. Four beautiful yearbooks (don't forget, they're only $15, right Marina Anderson?)
15. 1000 to Brenda Dickinson (our one & only homeschool lobbyist) from Creative
     ArtWorks fundraisers (thank you LaDonna Sasscer & the dozen families who
16. Hundred+ field trips (MANY MANY thanks to those who've coordinated and 
     attended them)
17. Spanish classes ($150+ location donations)
18. 100+Samaritan Shoeboxes that went around the world
19. 100+ gifts for Adopt-A-Family or Angel Tree,
18. $100+ Sports mission trips, FPEA discount memberships,
20. 200+email addresses online, helped launch scout troops & dens, awarded
    roses &certificates to MANY fine ladies (& a few gents) for their help... THANK
    YOU volunteers!
21. Reimbursement for ink cartridges (our only wage) to myself and the monthly 
    calendar designer.
In 1996 we (Beverly Hartman &I) put your few dollars into an American Bank savings account, just to earn a little interest (1.3%), because SHARE needed the money. To date, the % has been ~$100 total, and filed on my income tax.

In order to hold down the costs for SHARE, anytime a check needed to be written, it was simply transferred to my personal account, payable on a check from which my husband paid to have printed, just to save SHARE some $$. It's now transferred into a SHARE checking account.

Thank you for the occasional love offerings, for they were spent in love as well, (on an overnight cruise and homeschool shirts for my children).

You should be proud to be affiliated with SHARE, whose monies are accounted for in full, and have been above reproach, balancing out to the penny, and who is continually being blessed by and through you. I can guarantee you that there's not another homeschool support group like SHARE in the world. I've gone to the support group forums, and I promise you, WE are different in a very good way!

We are now approved as an HSLDA "group! The link is located on the "Legal Information" page of this website.

We just celebrated our 2003 Graduation ceremony.  Interested in helping with next year's graduation? Contact me for more information.

Glad to serve as a volunteer (by God's grace),

While SHARE does not charge a membership fee, we do end up with surplus monies to pay for:
Note: This is not to be construed as the giving of legal advice. 

Homeschool Support Group

Coordinator of S.H.A.R.E.