10 Commandments for Kids Online
I have read the above and agree to follow these rules. If I don't, my parents can take away the privilege of using the Internet.

Child's signature 

I agree to let my child use the Internet so long as these rules are followed.

Parent or Caregiver's signature 

Internet Usage Agreement Form
Sometimes, the Internet can be an unsafe place. Because of this, I am making this agreement with my parents to help keep me and my family safe. 
1. I will talk with my parents and we will set up rules for when I go online. We will decide the times of the day that are right    for me to use the computer, how long I can use the Internet, and the kinds of places I can visit and the kinds of places I    will always avoid.
2. No matter who asks while I'm online, I will never give out my home address or telephone number, the name of my school    principal or teachers, where my parents work or their telephone numbers at work without getting my parents' direct    
3. If anyone online does anything strange or writes anything that makes me feel confused or uncomfortable, I will tell my  
  parents right away.
4. I will never send anyone anything, especially a picture of me or my family, without getting my parents' direct permission.
6. I will NEVER give out my online passwords to anyone--not even my friends.
   No matter how "official" it looks, I understand that no one should ever ask for my password online.
   If they do, I'll tell my Mom or Dad right away, because I understand that this is just a way to trick me into giving out the  
7. If I want to download any games or programs, I will show them to my parents first and ask permission.
8. If I receive any messages or pictures that are mean or dirty, I realize that this is not my fault. I agree to tell my parents 
   right away so they can notify our Internet service provider and stop this kind of thing.
9. I will never use bad language or send mean messages online. I will tell my parents if someone does that to me. 
10. I give my parents permission to look on my computer whenever they want to see where I have gone on the Internet, the
    e-mail I have sent and received, or what I do in a chat room.